*NEW* Shooting and Scoring Camp

Pucks, pucks, and more pucks! Want to improve your shooting technique while learning the most advanced techniques including loading and release and shot selections? 

Shooting clinics are coached by professional skills instructor Derek Popke. The shooting program aims at high repetition and elite instruction allowing players to release approx 70-100 shots per session. Using multiple nets, progression based teaching, and small sub groups, the program covers: overall technique, shooting in stride, deceptive release points, off balance shooting, improved aim, and shot selection.

Shooting and Scoring topics include:

  • Preparation, loading and release
  • Shot selection: wrist, snap, backhand
  • Shooting in stride
  • Shooting in traffic
  • Shooting off a pass
  • Offensive tactics and dekes

Players are grouped based on age and ability. Max 20 shooters. Professional instructors. 45 mins.

Shooting and Scoring Schedule – Winter 2018

Dates: Jan 11-Mar 1st, 2018
Times: 3:45-4:30pm
Location: Richmond Ice (Coliseum Rink)
Details: Thursday (8 sessions)
Cost: $249.00